Friday, October 11, 2013

Sweet sweet babies

Now, this isn't a post about food.  I love babies.  They are so stinking cute and fun and cuddly and warm and precious...I could go on and on.  A close family member is having their first little baby boy and I can't wait to meet his sweet little face.

My mother, SIL and I planned a baby shower where we were going to tie a baby blanket for this precious new child.  My other SIL asked if I could make her a few receiving blankets and burp cloths.  For those of you who know anything about me or my family, you will laugh at what I am about to say.  I kinda blanched at this though.  She knew better than to ask my mother who goes from sweet to wicked witch in 3 seconds when the sewing machine is out.  I am kinda the same way, mainly because I don't know how to sew a button on a shirt.  I said yes.  We bought the material, and I went home to sew blankets.

I had made a few for when my youngest man child was born, but they looked horrid from the start, and after washing, it looked even worse.  I decided to watch a YouTube video.  Best idea ever.  I learned how to lay sod watching YouTube.  Learned how to caulk a tub and toilet with YouTube.  Surely there has to be a video or two about sewing.  A few huh?  Thousands.  I watched a couple and learned a few things.  Things I wished I would have known when I made those blankets for my kiddos. 

First, wash and dry all the material before you get started.  This way, the material has already shrunk as much as it's going to. You are supposed to wash in the hottest water the fabric will handle.  I did not know this which is why all my blankets looked lumpy after the first wash.

Second, that cute minky fabric doesn't shrink and is a pain in the rear to sew with.  If you use this fabric with any other fabric, make sure you wash it first.

Third, Iron all fabric before you start sewing.  You don't think this will make a big difference, but it does in the finished product.

Fourth, after you finish sewing something, if it says press with hot iron, then press with a hot iron.

Last but not least, I learned that I really really like to sew.  No really, I do.  It's fun and even a little relaxing. 

So, I made her two receiving blankets, 8 burp cloths and am finishing the last touches on the blanket we tied at the shower. I'd better hurry on that one, because little baby is due any day now and I want him to have it for the drive home.
I must say I went a little crazy after that.  I made 20 or so burp cloths and am now making 3 or 4 more blankets.  Do I know of any other people who are having babies?  No, but what does it matter right now?  This way when a friend of family member makes a big announcement, I have these already made and ready to go.  I got the material for half off and I figure it cost me under $4.00 to make a blanket and about .50 to make a burp cloth.  That is so much cheaper than going out and buying those items.

Next on my list, pajama pants for my family Christmas.  When you can get the material half off and have the means to sew, you might as well try.  I am going to make 12 pairs of pj pants for under $20 bucks and that is sweet!  Christmas gets spendy with 6 of us and I am all for finding ways to save.

Here are a few pics of the blankets I made.  They are so stinking cute, it almost makes me want to have another baby....and then I remember my 3 year old wakes up 5 or 6 times a night and I forget that thought.  I will just have to hug on this sweet little boy and get my baby fix from him.

This is his crib blanket.  SO cute.  I swear, just 21 months ago when I had my baby boy, this fabric wasn't around and I feel a little bit cheated.  I told my SIL that I was going to fight her for this.  She smugly said all she had to do was hand over her baby boy and she would win.  She's right, she would.

 Like I said earlier, photography just isn't my thing.  I know nothing about how to set things up, or lighting.  Nor do I have the patience.  Hmm, maybe this will become a hew hobby of mine.  These are just a few of the burp cloths I made.  These fabrics are so stinking cute!  Almost too cute for their intended purpose.


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